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Towards a Truly


Pierre Imai /
Head of Autonomous Networking Research

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Welcome to the Autonomous Networking Research & Innovation Department!

The Autonomous Networking Research & Innovation Department is Rakuten Mobile's research laboratory. As the name suggests, our main purpose is to research, and ultimately, achieve a truly autonomous network.

User demand drives networking, communication, and data center innovation, which in turn has led to a revolution in Telecommunications. With the daily addition of new services and user devices to the telecommunications network, the demands upon the network constantly increase and the range of configuration and adaptation options grow explosively. Our goal, thus, is to build a network that handles and adapts itself to unforeseen changes autonomously; in other words, we are building a network that embraces and integrates new technologies as they become available and utilize them efficiently without the need of manual intervention.

Traditional networking and communications research is only a part of this journey. To achieve our goal, we must embrace knowledge from other fields, such as cognition, ontologies, systems research, control theory, and cybernetics. This is, without a doubt, a multi-disciplinary effort, which we warmly invite contributors from various fields.

We search for academic and industrial partners who share our vision and who are willing to collaborate with us in an open and mutually beneficial research environment. Our position within Rakuten Mobile gives us the unique opportunity to provide access to our highly practical data and production network to our partners for research purposes. The only constraints we will impose are those needed to protect the privacy and security of our customers, which is Rakuten Mobile’s top priority.

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The position paper, Towards a Truly Autonomous Network,
was written by Pierre Imai (Head of Autonomous Networking Research),
Paul Harvey (Lead Researcher), and
Tareq Amin (Chief Technical Officer of Rakuten Mobile).
It details the direction which the lab is heading,
outlining how we intend to achieve a truly autonomous network.


The Autonomous Networking Research & Innovation Department comprises of talents from diverse backgrounds and cultures and is a balanced blend of researchers who hold PhDs, as well as highly experienced telecommunications professionals.
We are a small team that is embarking on a journey in making a truly autonomous network a reality; importantly, we do it with a strong sense of pride and a big smile on our faces. Join us!

Autonomous Networking Research & Innovation Department
Rakuten Mobile, Inc.
Rakuten Crimson House, 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku,
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