Handling of Personal Information for Advertising and Promotion

  • *The original of this policy shall be in Japanese and an English translation is for reference purpose only

Rakuten Mobile, Inc. (hereinafter "Rakuten Mobile" or "we") will utilize information about you (i.e., the customer) such as your sex, age and web browsing history to the extent necessary for fulfilling the following purposes of use in compliance with the Guidelines for Behavioral Targeting Advertisements established by the Japan Interactive Advertising Association (JIAA).

Use of behavior history information

1. Collection of behavior history information

We will collect your website browsing history, purchase history, etc. as well as information that can be useful for analyzing your interests and tastes by accumulating such history, etc. (hereinafter "behavior history information"). Behavior history information includes information automatically collected through cookies, etc. (including web beacons, unique identifiers and other technologies; hereinafter, collectively, "cookie technologies") but excludes information from which you are identifiable as an individual and information subject to secrecy of communications.

Specific examples of behavior history information collected by us are as follows. Such information will be stored as your personal information only if you log in to your account.

  • Device ID or other information that allows us to identify the information/communication device you are using
  • Information on the operating system of your information/communication device and internet connection related information
  • Geolocation information
  • Referring URL
  • IP address
  • URLs viewed and timestamp of date/time viewed
  • Advertising identifier
  • Server log information other than the above
  • Information related to products or services, etc. displayed, searched or purchased
  • Payment settlement log
  • Your postal code, sex, occupation, occupation, hobbies

For details of cookie technologies, please refer to the Cookie Policy established by Rakuten Group, Inc.

2. Purposes of use

We will use behavior history information for the following purposes.

Purpose of use
1. To provide you with advertisements, promotion and marketing content*:
  • Advertising and promotion of products or services of Rakuten Mobile, its group and third parties (e.g., business partners) in advertising media including websites (including behavioral targeting advertisements)
  • Operations involving sending direct mail, email newsletters and other advertisements to you within the bounds and by the means permitted by laws and regulations with your consent
2. To improve and provide services and develop new services:
  • Improvement and provision of existing services and research and development related to new services conducted by Rakuten Mobile
  • Research and analysis of usage status and purchase history of Rakuten Mobile services, and provision of necessary information
  • Questionnaire surveys, analysis and utilization of customer satisfaction and evaluation, customization of service and construction of system for providing information for a specific purpose (e.g., recommendation of products)
3. For investment analysis:
  • Preparation of statistics for investment and management analysis and use of analysis results
4. To prevent and mitigate fraudulent or illegal activities:
  • Operations to prevent, investigate and identify scams, cyber-attacks, and other potentially illegal or fraudulent activities to protect the rights and interests of Rakuten Mobile, its group and/or third parties

* Cross-Device Cookies and Their Use

Even in cases where you use our websites across multiple browsers and environments, in order for us to seamlessly provide the advertising considered to be appropriate for you, we may link various identifiers (including cookie ID, ADID/IDFA, IP address, etc.) to you. By doing this, we may check or make guess for matches of the different browsers or environments you use in order to deliver the appropriate advertising for you.

In addition, there may be cases where we also receive cross-device information from partnering third parties within the extent permitted under the applicable laws and regulations.

3. Third-party provision

1) Provision of information to Rakuten Group

Comprised of Rakuten Group, Inc. (hereinafter "Rakuten") and its subsidiaries and affiliates, the Rakuten Group provides many different kinds of services. We may provide behavior history information to the Rakuten Group as follows, to enable you to use such Rakuten Group services in a convenient and comfortable manner.

  • a.Scope of Rakuten Group
    The Rakuten Group consists of Rakuten and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Click here for the list of major Group companies.
  • b.Purpose of third-party provision and personal data to be provided
    Third-party provision of information to the Rakuten Group will be executed within the scope of the purposes referred to in 1 through 4 of "2. Purposes of use" above. Personal data to be provided will be behavior history information (excluding secrecy of communications).

2) Provision of information to other third parties

In addition to 1), when we outsource all or part of our operations relating to advertising and promotion, we may provide behavior history information retained by us to the outsourcee.

4. Storage period

Behavior history information will be stored for a period of three (3) years from the time of collection and deleted without delay after the purpose of use has been fulfilled.

5. Security control action

We will appoint a "Information security manager," through whom employees, etc. who handle behavior history information will be supervised in order to execute security control action in accordance with this Handling of Personal Information for Advertising and Promotion and internal regulations.

Opting out of distribution of advertisements and inquiry counter

1. Inquiry counter

If you have any inquiries about behavior history information or would like to make a request to stop your behavior history information from being used, please contact the following inquiry counter.

Rakuten Mobile Communication Center

TEL: 050-5434-4653

Operating hours: From 9:00 to 17:00 (open seven days a week, 365 days a year)

2. Opting out of distribution of advertisements

Cookie technologies may be used on this website. Information collected through the use of cookie technologies will be handled in accordance with this policy for Handling of Personal Information for Advertising and Promotion. For further information on cookie technologies and how to opt out of the collection of information through cookie technologies, please refer to the Explanation and How to Disable Behavioral Targeting Advertisements of Rakuten , Inc. attached to the Privacy Policy of Rakuten Group, Inc.

Revised: February 1, 2023