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Rakuten Mobile Global Corporate Communications Department


The magenta Rakuten Mobile logo is for use when referring to the Rakuten Mobile service in Japan. The crimson red Rakuten Mobile logo is for use outside Japan.

Official photos and brand assets

Download photos of Rakuten Mobile services, products, events and more.

Key visuals

  • Rakuten Mobile logo taken at a press conference.
  • Photo from the press conference announcing the “Rakuten SAIKYO Plan” (translation: Rakuten Strongest Plan), which does away with the previous limit on high-speed data capacity in the domestic roaming partner network area to improve customer convenience.

Stores and products

  • Photo of the exterior of the Rakuten Mobile Fukuoka Tenjin Nishido-ri Store.
  • Photo of the exterior of the Rakuten Mobile Futakotamagawa Store.
  • Photo of the Rakuten Mobile original smartphone: Rakuten Hand 5G
  • Photo of the Rakuten Mobile original home router: Rakuten Turbo 5G
  • Photo of the Rakuten Mobile original mobile Wi-Fi router: Rakuten WiFi Pocket 2C
  • Photo of the Rakuten Mobile original smartphones lineup: Rakuten BIG, Rakuten Big s, Rakuten Hand and Rakuten Mini

Base stations

  • Photo of a Rakuten Mobile 4G base station.
  • Photo of a Rakuten Mobile 5G (mmW) base station.
  • Photo of a Rakuten Mobile 5G (sub 6) base station.

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Terms of use

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