Fully Virtualized Cloud Native Mobile Network

Through a revolutionary new mobile network architecture, Rakuten Mobile is providing customers with a high-quality, low-cost mobile service.

Dramatic cost reductions through eliminating dependence on dedicated hardware

Mobile networks to date have been dependent on dedicated hardware. Rakuten Mobile has taken a different approach, utilizing virtualization technologies to disaggregate network hardware and software. The network runs on general purpose hardware, which has enabled dramatic cost reductions.

Simplified base stations for greater flexibility

Traditional outdoor base stations feature a large number of components. By moving the radio access functions to data centers, Rakuten Mobile has been able to simplify and reduce the footprint of its base stations. This allows for greater freedom and flexibility in deployment and significantly reduces construction and operations costs.

5G ready

Rakuten Mobile’s network architecture allows for the rapid deployment of 5G services by essentially updating the core network and radio access network software.

Providing a high-quality,
low-cost service through a revolutionary mobile platform

By leveraging advanced technology, Rakuten Mobile has been able to achieve substantial reductions in costs, allowing the operator to provide its customers with a high-quality service at a low-cost.
Rakuten Mobile will continue to provide customers in Japan and around the world convenient and appealing mobile services.