Handling of Other Information

  • *The original of this policy shall be in Japanese and an English translation is for reference purpose only

1. Handling of credit card information

The purpose of use of credit card information that we collect and the recipient of credit card information are as follows.

Japan Card Network Co., Ltd
Purpose of use: To settle payments for services provided

2. Voluntary nature of provision of personal information

Whether or not you provide us with your personal information is at your discretion. However, please accept in advance that if you do not provide us with personal information required for us to provide the service you wish to use, we may not be able to provide the service to you in an appropriate state.

3. Call recording

Upon receiving your inquiry, application, etc., we may record the phone conversation in order to gain an accurate understanding of the specifics and improve our services for the future.

4. Information collecting while using Chatbot

We will collect and record conversations between you and an in-App Chatbot to more effectively analyze inquiries and conversation content so as to improve the quality of Chatbot responses.

Revised: October 9, 2020