Rakuten Mobile Announced as Founding Member of the Open RAN Policy Coalition

Coalition established to advance the adoption of open and interoperable solutions in the Radio Access Network (RAN)

Tokyo, May 20, 2020 – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. was announced on May 5th as a founding member of the Open RAN Policy Coalition, a member group of 31 companies established to promote policies that drive innovation, encourage competition and expand the supply chain with open and interoperable radio access network technologies (RAN), including 5G.

“Rakuten Mobile has developed and successfully launched the world’s first commercial fully virtualized cloud-native mobile network based on open and interoperable technologies with software and hardware solutions from multiple vendors,” said Tareq Amin, Representative Director, Executive Vice President and CTO of Rakuten Mobile. “Rakuten Mobile will offer a platform for carriers to lean into future network architecture.”

“We take pride in working with diverse set of partners to deliver premium customer experiences. We’re pleased to stand together with other like-minded technology partners to promote open and interoperable networks,” commented Azita Arvani, General Manager, Rakuten Mobile Americas.

The coalition represents a group of companies formed to promote market-based policies that will advance the adoption of open and interoperable solutions in the RAN. The coalition believes that policymakers have an important role to play in facilitating and fostering an open, diverse and secure supply chain for advanced wireless technologies, including 5G.

For more information on the Open RAN Policy Coalition, visit: www.openRANpolicy.org

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