Rakuten Mobile Announces New Representative Director (Additional Appointment) and New Management Structure

Tokyo, April 4, 2023 – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. announced the addition of a new representative director (additional appointment) and the establishment of a new management structure from April 3 as follows.


Rakuten Mobile New Management Structure (Effective April 3, 2023)



Hiroshi Mikitani

Representative Director and Chairman

Kazuhiro Suzuki

Representative Director and Co-CEO

Tareq Amin

Representative Director and Co-CEO

Shunsuke Yazawa

Representative Director and President

Fusaki Matsui

Representative Director and Executive Vice President

Kentaro Hyakuno

Director and Vice Chairman

Kenji Hirose

Director and Vice Chairman

Shinichi Imaeda


Satoshi Fujita


Satoshi Shiobara


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