Rakuten Mobile Launches Beta Version of Rakuten Link Desktop

- Enables domestic calls and SMS messaging while working on a personal computer.

August 2, 2023, Tokyo, Japan – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. today announced the launch of a public beta version of Rakuten Link Desktop, a desktop version of the mobile communications app Rakuten Link, available exclusively to subscribers of the Rakuten SAIKYO Plan (translation: Rakuten Strongest Plan), allowing users to enjoy multiple Rakuten Link Smartphone version features on their personal computer from August 2, 2023.


Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta) provides users with select features from the Rakuten Link Smartphone version. Users can make local calls, domestic video calls and international calls for free*¹. In addition, Rakuten Link users can chat with each other individually or in groups and can send and receive SMS messages with users not using Rakuten Link*². Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta) allows customers to enjoy these features – all while using their computer. Furthermore, chat histories and other data are synchronized in real time between the Rakuten Link Smartphone version and Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta), enabling seamless communication across devices.

In the future, Rakuten Mobile plans to gradually expand the features for Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta) and improve the service based on customer feedback. The company will also continue to broaden its range of services, leveraging the Rakuten Ecosystem to provide users with value that extends beyond communication services.

Overview of Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta)
Features available:
・ Individual chat, group chat, domestic calls, international calls, domestic video calls between customers using Rakuten Link*³.
・ Domestic calls, SMS messaging and international calls (subject to fees) with customers who are not using Rakuten Link*⁴.

Supported Windows/OS: Windows 10 or higher, macOS 10.15 or higher

How to install and use the app:
1. Visit the Rakuten Mobile official website on your computer and download Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta).
2. Launch Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta) and read the displayed QR code using your smartphone.

Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta) official site:
https://service.link.link/desktop/ (Japanese website)

Comparison of features between Rakuten Link Smartphone version and Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta)





Voice Calls

Domestic and international calls between Rakuten Link users are free. Calls to non-Rakuten Link mobile phones and landlines are also free within Japan. (Calls to some numbers incur fees)

Personal video calls

Free video calls with users of Rakuten Link.


Send and receive messages for free even with users not using Rakuten Link.

Individual chat

Chat with other Rakuten Link users for free.

Group Chat

Chat with groups of up to 100 other Rakuten Link users for free.

Raku mail

Scheduled for future release


Use Rakuten Mobile's domain @rakumail.jp for the carrier mail service Raku mail.

* Details on Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta) features other than those listed above will be announced when available.
* For further details on the Rakuten Link Desktop version (beta), please check the Rakuten Mobile official website.

About Rakuten Link Smartphone version
Super communication app Rakuten Link is a communication app developed in-house by Rakuten that has been offered exclusively to Rakuten Mobile subscribers since full-scale services began on April 8, 2020.

Please see below for the features available on Rakuten Link Smartphone version.




Earn Rakuten points by using campaigns and apps.

Rakuten Link
Super Point Screen

With the Rakuten Link version of Rakuten’s official point activity app Super Point Screen, earn points every day by finding the latest deals.

Rakuten Link
Special Offers

Special premium offers exclusive to Rakuten Link users.

Disappearing Timer

Set timer to delete messages after a specified amount of time.


Easy access to Rakuten Group services and partner services.


Easy access to payment services such as the Rakuten Pay App and Rakuten Point Card. Check membership status and points.


Stay on top of the latest news.

Mini Apps

Various Rakuten services and partner services such as Gurunavi, Rakuten24 and Rakuten Music available as mini apps.

Navigation Menu

Easy access to various convenient features offered by Rakuten Link, including entertainment, discounts and points.

*1 Calls cannot be made to some special numbers (188) or other companies' connection services that begin with (0570). Please check the list of numbers that Rakuten Link cannot be used with below. When the app cannot be used, calls costs 22 yen every 30 seconds. https://network.mobile.rakuten.co.jp/faq/detail/00001887/ (Japanese website)
*2 Domestic calls, SMS messages and international calls to customers who are not using Rakuten Link are only available when the smartphone and computer on which Rakuten Link is installed are connected to the same Wi-Fi environment.
*3 The number may appear as withheld in some instances.
*4 Please verify Rakuten Link in Japan before traveling abroad. Authentication may not be possible in some areas depending on overseas roaming. Calls can only be made from countries and regions that support international roaming. For other areas, calls can only be made when connected to Wi-Fi.

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