Rakuten Mobile Announces New Representative Directors and New Management Structure

Tokyo, February 25, 2022 – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. announced today changes to its representative directors and the establishment of a new management structure. The changes are as follows.


Rakuten Mobile New Management Structure (Effective March 30, 2022)



Hiroshi Mikitani

Representative Director and Chairman

Tareq Amin

Representative Director and CEO

Shunsuke Yazawa

Representative Director and President

Fusaki Matsui

Representative Director and Executive Vice President

Kentaro Hyakuno

Director and Vice Chairman

Yasufumi Hirai

Director and Vice Chairman

Kenji Hirose

Director and Vice Chairman

Sharad Sriwastawa

CTO(Chief Technology Officer)

Naho Kono

CMO(Chief Marketing Officer)

Hiroto Furuhashi

CSO(Chief Strategy Officer)

Atsushi Maeda

CFO(Chief Financial Officer)

Atsushi Tamura

COO(Chief Operating Officer)

Tomotaka Torin

CCO(Chief Compliance Officer)

Masatada Kobayashi

CWO(Chief Well-Being Officer)

John Carse

CISO(Chief Information Security Officer)

Satoshi Fujita


Shinichi Imaeda


Shinji Narishige


Yoshihisa Yamada is to be appointed as Executive Advisor to Rakuten Group, Inc.

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