Rakuten Mobile Launches Inbound Roaming Service for Tourists Visiting Japan

March 13, 2023, Tokyo – Rakuten Mobile, Inc. today announced the launch of a new international mobile roaming service for tourists visiting Japan.

Called Inbound Roaming Service, the mobile service allows tourists with an existing mobile contract*1 from international roaming partners to use Rakuten Mobile’s nationwide 4G and 5G*2 data and voice services*3 during their stay in Japan. As Japan’s borders have opened up more to international travel, the service is launching with its first international roaming partner, 3 Hong Kong, the leading mobile service provider brand of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong, and plans to gradually expand its roster of international roaming partners in the near future.

Rakuten Mobile continues to strive to provide customers with a range of easy-to-use and convenient mobile communication services.

*1 Rakuten Mobile line compatible products are required to use the "Inbound Roaming Service".
*2 5G communication coverage is currently being rolled out across Japan. To view current 5G coverage, please visit the Rakuten Mobile coverage area map.  
*3 Domestic partner roaming coverage areas are not covered by the Inbound Roaming Service. Rakuten Link is not available for the Inbound Roaming Service.

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